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Edible Trees and Shrubs Hardy in Britain (Temperate): D - E

See map here for World temperate areas

CL. Climber     D. Deciduous     E. Evergreen
SH. Shrub       T. Tree

E.T. Dacrycarpus dacrydioides White Pine Fruit Very mild areas only
E.T. Dacrydium cupressinum Rimu Fruit Very mild areas only
D.SH. Decaisnea fargesii   Fruit Rich moist loamy soil
D.SH. Deutzia scabra   Young leaves Moist soils
D.T. Diospyros kaki Persimmon Fruit All these species are dioecious but female trees can produce seedless fruits without being pollinated. D. daki is best grown on a south-facing wall
D.T. Diospyros lotus Date Plum Fruit
D.T. Diospyros virginiana American Persimmon Fruit
E.SH. Drimys lanceolata Mountain Pepper Fruit is a pepper substitute Best in mild areas
E.SH. Drimys winteri Winter's Bark Bark is a condiment Best in mild areas. Moist soil
D.T. Ehretia dicksonii   Fruit Succeeds on chalk
  Other species include E. acuminata and E. elliptica
D.SH. Elaeagnus multiflora   Fruit Sunny position. Light soil. Very drought and wind resistant
  Other species include E. angustifolia, E. commutata, E. glabra, E. macrophylla, E. montana, E. pungens and E. umbellata
D.SH. Eleutherococcus sieboldianus   Leaves Sheltered position, warm loamy soil
  Other species include E. divaricatus, E. japonicus, E. senticosus, E. sessiliflorus and E. trifoliatus
E.SH. Empetrum nigrum Crowberry Fruit Peaty soil. Dioecious
  Other species include E. hermaphroditum, E. rubrum
E.SH. Ephedra distachya Sea Grape Fruit Sunny position. Well-drained soil.
E.SH. Ephedra gerardiana   Fruit
E.SH. Ephedra nevadensis   Seed
E.SH. Epigaea asiatica   Fruit Lime-free humus rich soil. Shade
E.SH. Epigaea repens   Fruit Lime-free humus rich soil. Shade
E.T. Eriobotrya japonica Loquat Fruit - not often borne Well drained soil
D.T. Euodia daniellii   Oil from fruit Most soils
D.T. Euodia fraxinifolia   Fruit, oil from seed Most soils. Hardy(?)

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