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Edible Trees and Shrubs Hardy in Britain (Temperate): H - K

See map here for World temperate areas

CL. Climber     D. Deciduous     E. Evergreen
SH. Shrub       T. Tree

E.SH. Halimione portulacoides Sea Purslane Leaves  
D.SH. Hamamelis virginiana Witch Hazel Seed Most soils if moist
D.SH. Helwingia japonica   Leaves, young shoots, flowers Most soils. Dioecious
D.SH. Hibiscus syriacus   Leaves, flowers, oil from seed Most soils except badly drained ones. Sunny position
D.SH. Hippophae rhamnoides Sea Buckthorn Fruit Most soils, sunny position. Dioecious
D.T. Hippophae salicifolia   Fruit Most soils, sunny position. Dioecious
E.CL. Holboellia coriacea   Fruit Most soils. Prefers a shady wall or growing into a tree
  Other species include H. grandiflora and H. latifolia
D.SH. Holodiscus discolor   Fruit Thin woodland. Most soils
D.SH. Holodiscus dumosus   Fruit Most soils
D.T. Hovenia dulcis Japanese Raisin Tree Fruit Sandy loam
D.SH. Hydrangea macrophylla   Leaves - sweet Well drained, but not dry, loamy soil
  Other species include H. hirta and H. serrata
E.SH. Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop Leaves Sunny position. Light dry soil containing lime
D.T. Idesia polycarpa   Fruit Most soils. Dioecious
E.SH. Illicium anisatum Star Anise Fruit - a flavouring Light moist peaty loam.
E.SH. Illicium floridanum Aniseed Tree Used as a flavouring Sheltered position. Mild areas
D.SH. Indigofera decora   Seed Sunny position. Most well-drained soils. Mild areas
E.T. Jubaea chilensis Sugar Palm Sap, seed, oil from seed Very mild areas only
D.T. Juglans ailanthifolia Japanese Walnut Seed Deep loamy soil. The hardiest walnut
D.T. Juglans cinerea Butternut Seed, sap, oil from seed Deep loamy soil. Very cold resistant
D.T. Juglans regia Walnut Seed, sap, oil from seed Most soils if deep and well drained
  Other species include J. cathayensis, J. hindsii, J. mandschurica, J. microcarpa and J. nigra
E.SH. Juniperus communis Juniper Fruit - a flavouring Most soils. Likes lime
E.T. Juniperus deppeana Aligator Juniper Fruit - sweet Very sunny, hot and dry position. Likes lime
E.T. Juniperus drupacea Syrian Juniper Fruit - sweet Well-drained soils. Likes lime
  Other species include J. californica, J. conferta, J. monosperma, J. occidentalis, J. osteosperma, J. recurva, J. rigida, J. scopulorum, J. tetragona and J. virginiana
D.SH. Kerria japonica   Young leaves Most soils
D.T. Koelreuteria paniculata   Leaves, berries Most soils. Sunny position

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