New Book ** Edible Perennials: 50 Top perennials from Plants For A Future. Current interest in forest or woodland garden designs reflects an awareness that permanent mixed plantings are inherently more sustainable than annual monocultures. They safeguard and enrich soil ecosystems... more >>

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Diverse Habitats

There are many diferent habitats such as ponds, lawns and hedges where useful plants can be grown. The following leaflets describe some of these:

  1. The Edible Lawn
  2. Edible Ornamental Plants
  3. The Edible Pond and Bog Garden
  4. The Edible Shrubs
  5. The Urban Garden (Español)
  6. Ground cover plants.growing carefully selected plants that can spread to cover the ground and that will out-compete the weeds.
  7. Hedges and their use (Deutsch)
  8. Plants for Problem Places North facing walls and deep shade
  9. Conservatory Plants
  10. The potted garden edible plants for containers and pots.

Our database groups plants into 12 different habitats. You can search it in the UK, the US or Australia. Or look at our Habitats index page.

Database: Habitats
Search the database for plants which can grow in the following habitats. (Numbers of plants in brackets).
  • Bog Garden  Bog Garden plants ( 556 )
  • By East Wall  Plants which can grow By East Walls ( 101 )
  • By North Wall  Plants which can grow By North Walls ( 30 )
  • By South Wall  Plants which can grow By South Walls ( 383 )
  • By West Wall  Plants which can grow By West Walls ( 341 )
  • Canopy  Canopy trees ( 664 )
  • Cultivated Beds  Plants which grow in Cultivated Beds ( 2874 )
  • Dappled Shade  Plants which grow in Dappled Shade ( 2890 )
  • Deep Shade  Plants which grow in Deep Shade ( 391 )
  • Hedge  Plants which can be used for Hedgeing ( 792 )
  • Hedgerow  Plants which grow in a Hedgerow ( 131 )
  • In East Wall  Plants which can grow In East Walls ( 171 )
  • In North Wall  Plants which can grow In North Walls ( 35 )
  • In South Wall  Plants which can grow In South Walls ( 156 )
  • In West Wall  Plants which can grow In West Walls ( 178 )
  • Lawn  Plants which can grow in a Lawn ( 72 )
  • Meadow  Meadow plants ( 265 )
  • Pond  Pond plants ( 197 )
  • Secondary  Secondary trees ( 502 )
  • Shady Edge  Plants which grow in a Shady Edge ( 1488 )
  • Sunny Edge  Plants which grow in a Sunny Edge ( 2750 )
  • Walls  Plants which can grow in or by Walls ( 632 )
  • Woodland Garden  Plants suitable for a Woodland Garden ( 4436 )

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