Thank you so much! We appreciate all your donations, big and small, which poured in during 2014. You gave our charity over £10,000 in response to our appeal, over ten times more than in 2013! This meant we did not need to dip into our dwindling reserves to keep the database and website going and free of charge for another year. In 2015 we will continue to depend on your donations, so please do keep them coming. More information on our financial position >>>
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    By donating to PFAF, you can help support and expand our activities
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First names _______________________________ Surname _____________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________ Post code _______________________

Telephone number _____________________________ Email Address ____________________________

(Please tick relevant box/s)

I would like to become a Friend of Plants for a Future

I enclose a subscription payment of: (please tick)
__ £25.00 (Supporting Membership - help a little bit more!)
__ £10.00 (Standard Membership)
__ £6.00 (Low Income Membership - For those on a low income)
__ £100.00 (Business Membership)
__ £200.00 (Life Membership)

Payment Method

I wish to pay by:

    * __ Cheque Please make payable to Plants for a Future. Unfortunately we can only accept euro-cheques and cheques draw on UK bank accounts. Cheques in dollars will bounce!

    * __ Standing Order Do you often forget to renew subscriptions? Then this is the option for you. Please fill in the mandate below and give to you bank. (UK only)

    * __ Credit Card Donations over the Internet just click on the button and send us your details.

If you would also like to make a donation to the work of Plants for a Future, then please tick the appropriate box, thank you!

I enclose a donation of: - __ £5 __ £10 __ £15 __ £20 Other amount £_______

__ I am a UK tax payer and I would like my subscription/donation to count as gift aid.


Please note that we will be storing names and addresses in a computer database since this makes it much easier to keep and maintain records, send out newsletters etc. If you do not want your name and address stored in this way then please let us know and we will maintain a separate paper record.

We will not release your details to any other individuals or organisations.

Just print out and complete the form and send together with a cheque made payable to "Plants For A Future" to:

Friends of Plants for a Future, 9 priory Park Road, Dawish, Devon, EX7 9LX

 Thank You

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