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Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Cardiocrinum cordatum LiliaceaeLilium cordatum. L. cordifolium.20
Cardiocrinum giganteum LiliaceaeLilium giganteum.01
Fritillaria camschatcensisKamchatka Lily, Kamchatka fritillaryLiliaceaeLilium camschatcensis.40
Fritillaria pudicaYellow FritillaryLiliaceaeLilium pudicum.30
Lilium amabile Liliaceae 20
Lilium auratumGolden-Rayed LilyLiliaceaeL. dexteri.30
Lilium browniiHong Kong LilyLiliaceaeL. candidum. non L. L. odorum.32
Lilium bulbiferumFire Lily, Orange lilyLiliaceaeL. croceum.30
Lilium callosum Liliaceae 20
Lilium canadenseMeadow Lily, Canada lilyLiliaceae 31
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