1 = very minor uses, 2 = reasonably useful plants, 3 = could be grown as standard crops,
4= very useful plants, 5 = great value.A very subjective evaluation.  
Tender. Minimum temperature 10° C (50° F) Requires heated glass in the British isles
H2 Half Hardy. Minimum temperature 0° C (32° F) Needs frost-free protection
H3 Frost  Hardy. Can withstand temperature down to -5° C (23° F)
H4 Fully Hardy. Can withstand temperatures down to -15° C (5° F)
Well drained Well Drained Soil
Moist but well drained Moist Soil
Poorly drained Wet Soil
Poorly drained Water Plants
Full sun Full Sun
Part shade Part Shade
Full shade Full Shade

Hardiness Scale
How hardy is it on a scale from 1 - 10. One will survive arctic winters, ten is tropical. Cornwall is about eight, but can grow some plants from zone nine. Most of Britain is zone seven, going down to zone six in the north and four in the mountains.



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