Index of Latin Names: Y
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Attalea colendaPalma real, ChivilaArecaceaeYnesa colenda O.F.Cook40
Youngia chelidoniifolia Asteraceae or CompositaeParaixeris chelidoniifolia10
Youngia denticulata Asteraceae or CompositaeIxeris denticulata. Lactuca denticulata. (Houtt.)Maxim. Paraixeris denticulata. Prenanthes denticula11
Youngia japonicaJapanese Hawkweed, Oriental false hawksbeardAsteraceae or CompositaeY. thunbergiana. Crepis japonica. Prenanthes japonica. P. multiflora.11
Yucca aloifoliaSpanish Bayonet, Aloe yucca, Dagger Plant, Yucca, Spanish BayonetAgavaceaeDracaena lenneana. Sarcoyucca aloifolia. Yucca arcuata31
Yucca angustissimaNarrowleaf yucca, Kanab yucca, Toft's yucca, YuccaAgavaceae 30
Yucca baccataSpanish Bayonet, Banana yucca, Blue Yucca, Spanish YuccaAgavaceaeSarcoyucca baccata (Torr.) Linding41
Yucca brevifoliaJoshua Tree, Jaeger's Joshua tree, Yucca, Joshua TreeAgavaceaeClistoyucca arborescens. Clistoyucca brevifolia. Sarcoyucca brevifolia30
Yucca constrictaBuckley's YuccaAgavaceae 20
Yucca elataSoap Tree, Soaptree yucca, Soapweed, Soapweed YuccaAgavaceaeYucca angustifolia var. elata Engelm.20
Yucca filamentosaSpoonleaf Yucca, Adam's needle, Desert Candle, Needle Palm, St. Peter's Palm, Spanish Bayonet, CommAgavaceaeY. concava.31
Yucca filifera AgavaceaeYucca baccata var. filifera. Yucca canaliculata var. filifera20
Yucca glaucaSoapweed, Soapweed yucca, Gurney's yucca, American Vetch, Yucca, Narrowleaf Yucca, SoapweedAgavaceaeY. angustifolia.22
Yucca gloriosaSpanish Dagger, moundlily yucca, Palm Lily, Roman Candle, Mound Lily Yucca, Spanish DaggerAgavaceaeY. ellacombei21
Yucca harrimaniaeSpanish Bayonet, New Mexico Spanish bayonetAgavaceae 20
Yucca recurvifoliaCurve-leaf yuccaAgavaceaeY. gloriosa recurvifolia. Y. pendula. Y. recurva.30
Yucca rupicolaTwisted-Leaf Yucca, Texas yuccaAgavaceaeYucca rupicola. Yucca tortifolia. Yucca tortilis20
Yucca schidigeraMojave Yucca, YuccaAgavaceaeSarcoyucca mohavensis. Yucca californica. Yucca mohavensis30
Yucca smallianaAdam's Needle, Weak-leaf yuccaAgavaceaeY. filamentosa. non L.20
Yucca whippleiOur Lord's CandleAgavaceaeY. funifera. Hesperoyucca funifera. Hesperoyucca whipplei.30
Yushania ancepsRingalPoaceae or GramineaeArundinaria anceps. Arundinaria jaunsarensis. Fargesia jaunsarensis. Sinarundinaria anceps00
Yushania maling Poaceae or GramineaeArundinaria maling. Fargesia maling. Sinarundinaria maling00
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