Index of Latin Names: X
Latin NameCommon NameFamilySynonymsEdibility RatingMedicinal Rating
Lonicera involucrataTwinberry, Twinberry honeysuckleCaprifoliaceaeXylosteum involucratum.22
Xanthium communeCanada cockleburAsteraceae or Compositae 10
Xanthium spinosumSpiny CockleburAsteraceae or Compositae 01
Xanthium strumariumCocklebur, Rough cocklebur, Canada cockleburAsteraceae or CompositaeX. canadense. Mill.13
Xanthoceras sorbifoliumYellowhornSapindaceae 30
Xanthorhiza simplicissimaYellowrootRanunculaceaeX. apiifolia. Zanthorrhiza apiifolia.02
Xanthorrhoea australisGrasstreeXanthorrhoeaceae 21
Xanthostemon verdugonianusMangkonoMyrtaceae 00
Xanthostemon verusIron WoodMyrtaceaeEugenia amboinensis Nois. ex Link Metrosideros pictipetala Blanco Metrosideros suberosa Roxb. Metros00
Xerophyllum tenaxIndian Basket Grass, Common beargrassMelanthiaceaeX. douglasii. Helonias tenax.11
Xylosma japonica FlacourtiaceaeX. congestum. (Lour.)Merrill. X. racemosum. Miq. Apactis japonica. Croton congestum. Flacourtia japo11
Xyris carolinianaCarolina Yelloweyed GrassXyridaceaeKotsjiletti flexuosa. Ramotha floridana. Xyris canadensis. Xyris fimbriata. Xyris flexuosa. Xyris gl01
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