Thank you so much! We appreciate all your donations, big and small, which poured in during 2014. You gave our charity over £10,000 in response to our appeal, over ten times more than in 2013! This meant we did not need to dip into our dwindling reserves to keep the database and website going and free of charge for another year. In 2015 we will continue to depend on your donations, so please do keep them coming. More information on our financial position >>>
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Date Posted: 08/01/2014
Blog Heading: Annual Appeal 2014

Annual Appeal 2014 Plants For A Future

We have over 100,000 visitors each month, but in the whole of 2013 less than £1,000 was raised from donations. We rely on donations and cannot continue to maintain our database and website unless this increases considerably in 2014. Please make a donation today.

More information on our financial position

The DatabasePlants For A Future (PFAF) is a small not-for-profit UK based charity organisation. For fifteen years PFAF has been providing a free information service on edible plants and those with medicinal and other useful properties. Over the past four years we have improved the content and presentation of the site to bring it into line with the expectations of current internet users. To do this we have employed specialists in plants and in technical aspects of database and website design and development – people who work for us at modest rates of pay because they are committed to what PFAF is doing.

All this has been paid for mainly using ‘windfall’ funds received five years ago when it was decided to sell land originally purchased for an eco-village project, that was never fully developed and could no longer be sustained - the land became a nature reserve. However, these funds are now almost used up. Apart from donations our only other sources of income are sales of database copies and books, and online advertising, but none of this is significant. Given the ‘alternative’ nature of our operation, there is no realistic prospect of obtaining grant funding to meet our on-going costs.

So if we are to continue to improve and extend the database and to make it available free of charge, from now on we really need our supporters to be more generous with their donations. If each regular user gave as little as £5 or $10 a year, we’d be able to continue the free information service for many more years to come.

You can donate by creditcard or Paypal in any currency. Please follow the link below to donate

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Chris Marsh

Treasurer and Trustee
Chris Marsh Treasurer and Trustee