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Date Posted: 11/02/2010
Blog Heading: The new website
Message: Welcome to the PFAF website which now has a completely fresh new design. Although it may look very different you can still find the same useful content along with some additional features that include: a plant discussion forum, our blog, and RSS news feeds on the homepage to show our latest, blog and forum entries. Also on the homepage we’ve added ‘Plant of the Week’, which gives information on a favourite plant, and the ‘Amazing Plant Fact’. Both sections are updated every week with new information. We realise that it is important to have correct information so we are updating and improving the content of the database and website by sourcing and presenting new information and by encouraging experts to examine and update plant input (see the section below for more information if you would like to help out). In the Database section you can now vote for ‘successful’ plants you have used. This is your chance to give feedback on rare or unusual plants that you have found to be useful. Additional information being added to the database includes Images, A more ‘user friendly’ description of each plant and a visual quick reference of sun, water requirements, and hardiness. We hope you like it..